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To help friend in need

Posted by on Apr 5, 2016

To help friend in need

Once, one of my closest friends, who will remain anonymous, came to me, to ask me one serious question. He asked me about the size of my “manhood”. Of course, he is one of my closest friends, but I don’t like to share personal details. But in the end, I had to tell him because he was worried about the size of his penis. He described to me his love life, and that several of his previous girlfriends had complained about the measurement of his phallus. I was shocked because in some moments I idealized his love life. He knew his way with women and I envied him for that. Who knew that everything about him wasn’t perfect? I wanted to help him, but I didn’t know how. So I wanted to research this topic and to be available for my friend. He had courage to say that to me and lot of people wouldn’t do that. So I started looking for the possible options in the world of penis enlargement. You can also visit for more info.GetImage.aspx

I started with a penis pump. A penis pump can be best described as a tube or a cylinder in which you put your penis. When you put your penis, it launches a manual or motorized process and then a vacuum is being created inside the pump. With that effect, your penis is being instantly increased. That’s because vacuum affects your blood vessels and circulation.

However, it can create some vascular problems.

PD325923_1Although impotence problem is serious – this will not help because the effect doesn’t last enough. Many researchers experimented with this cylinder. Some researchers even found people with small phalluses. Experiments lasted for six months and they didn’t find results. When they concluded, they said that the treatment was successful for 10% and satisfaction of men was 30% which we can agree is low percentage. So you can say that people can be satisfied only psychologically.

Next stop was pills. I don’t know if you saw, but I in my spare time go to the Internet and read some articles, I almost every time find an ad for pills that can make your penis bigger. I am satisfied with the size of “pride” and it never occurred to me to click on that add. However, now I had to see this for my friend. On those ads, you don’t see anything. They just say that they work 100% and they say the price of pills and believe me –  they are not cheap. I researched it and I found out that no one can guarantee you that they are 100% reliable. And the worst thing is that they can harm your health as well, no matter they use ingredients which are not unhealthy – although only in 1 out 100 cases.pills-multicolored-original-848x296

So I had to tell my friend that only sure thing was a surgery. But, a lot of people don’t go through the procedure because it has some risks. Who knew that in this modern age we cannot have sure solution for this problem.

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